About beeside

About beeside

Our SEO, it is you.

The beeside company was created in 2015. We create applications and websites since. Everything begins with guidance.

Guidance :

  • Attentive support to your actual needs
  • Recommandations to balance your costs and efficiency
  • Recommendations concerning the intuitiveness of your application or website

Creation of an application or a website :

  • Aesthetics in your product
  • A line of code at the start for a successful product
  • Tools to analyze the behavior of your visitors / users
  • SEO performance optimizations
  • Training to learn new tools

An enriching experience

To better support you

Patrick PETIT, beeside's founder, has 15 years experience. Fifteen years as consultant, in web, SaaS applications, e-commerce, CRM, etc ..
Needless to say, you have tools from the beginning of your project until the launch of your brand new tool .. Whatever you need a website, a SaaS application, shop websites, etc ... beeside even guides you on hosting you could need, standard or cloud, or whatever, .. A guidance from start to finish.

beeside is easy to access as it is located in Paris. This has made possible for beeside to have customers in whole France and also in Belgium. We will notice you about our next destination.

beeside does not steal anyone work, beeside has creativity to spare

What we do

At beeside, we craft
Unique, truly responsive and functional websites that impress


From simple one page sites to complex ecommerce websites with microservices architecture, we have the experience to create an elegant and functional online presence for your business or product.

Natural Seo

With your new website, comes SEO. we have experience to place naturally your website in different search engine.


With our experience in e-commerce, we track and understand user behaviour on your website or improve the usability if necessary.

What we advice

At beeside, nous conseillons
A fifteen years experience to advice you


In this particular situation, beeside can guide you in your technical choices to confort you during your digital transformation.

Project management

Project management is as important as technical services. beeside can guide you in your different projedcts..


Automatisation, CI, beeside has acquired enough experience to automate your daily tasks.